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Ashley Nickels is the on-air night show personality on DC’s 107.3  (WRQX) in Washington, DC  Monday-Friday 7pm-11pm.

Ashley began her radio adventure as an intern at 98.5 KLUC in Las Vegas in December 2009. Ashley was entering her senior year at the University of Nevada Las Vegas when she decided to do an internship for her degree in Broadcast Journalism and Media Studies. Ashley grew up listening to KLUC and always wanted to work there, so it was only right she applied, but she didn’t know how to make it happen, that’s when fate stepped in.

It was late November when Ashley and her mom were driving home from a Cher concert and heard the night show host, John Moug, giving away a phone. Ashley wanted to win, so she called in, but lost instantly. Ashley’s mom on the other hand, knew the right answer, called back, won the phone and then proceeded to tell Moug he hung up on her daughter. Ashley grabbed the phone from her mom and asked Moug how to become an intern at KLUC. Moug was kind enough to give Ashley the necessary info and steps how to apply. Fast-forward through a month of incessant emailing, annoying never-ending phone calls and tons of Facebook stalking and Ashley was interning at KLUC. Ashley helped out around the office during business hours a few times a week and joined Moug in studio during his night show every Monday through Friday. Moug took Ashley under his wing and showed her everything magical about radio and she fell in love!

Ashley interned at KLUC for five months before being hired as a part-time on air personality by Program Director, Cat Thomas.  Ashley’s first on-air shift was Sunday, April 25, 2010, from 3am to 5am and she was terrible! Ashley worked hard to improve her on-air craft and before she knew it,  she was not only working overnights, she was also covering midday’s and the night show, for her mentor John Moug. Ashley was having the time of her life loving and learning everything she could radio, under the direction of her Program Director Cat Thomas, Assistant Program Director JB King, Imaging Director John James and of course her mentor, Night Personality, John Moug.

In March 2011, Ashley wanted to take on a new challenge and expand her craft, so she pursued work outside of the Las Vegas market. She applied for part time radio gigs that allowed her to continue working at KLUC, while going to school full-time. In June 2011, Ashley started her midday show on Mix 101.1 (KWCA) in Redding, CA and did the show until July 2014.

That October, Ashley got word from her radio idol, Silly Jilly, there was a full-time on-air night position available in Sacramento, CA at 107.9 The End (KDND). Ashley wasn’t sure if she should apply or not, she wasn’t scheduled to graduate from UNLV until December 2011. Ashley was encouraged to apply and was shocked when Program Director, Dan Mason, responded to her demo and asked her to come audition. Ashley flew to Sacramento Halloween weekend to audition and was offered to do the night show full time on 107.9 The End. Ashley graduated UNLV with a Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism and Media Studies on December 17, 2011, moved to Sacramento December 18, and took on her role as the new 107.9 The End night show personality on December 19. Ashley held down the night show on 107.9 The End from December 19, 2011 until July 11, 2014.

July 15, 2014, Ashley moved to Washington, DC after being offered the night show on DC’s 107.3 (WRQX). Ashley got semi-settled into the big city of DC and had her first show on DC’s 107.3 July 21, 2014.

Today, Ashley resides in Washington, DC and does her night show Monday through Friday 7pm-11pm. When Ashley’s not working, which is never, Ashley enjoys traveling and tries to do so on cruise ships so she doesn’t have to drive, because she hates traffic and has extreme chronic road rage. If she’s not on a cruise, Ashley can be seen exploring the DMV and making a fool out of herself on the golf course trying to learn to be the best lady golfer in the city. Similarly, Ashley enjoys staying home and reading up on weird stories about random things that stupid people do. She is also a BIG fan of wine and movie nights courtesy of Redbox and Netflix.


You can friend Ashley on the social media outlets below:

  • Vine: Ashley Nickels
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